I spend a fair share of my waking hours building software.

In previous lives, I was trained as an Electrical Engineer and then spent a couple of years in a PhD program in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Academia is a funny place, though that can be said of most other constellations humans arrange themselves in.

The title of this site is a rare word that occurs in V., the debut novel of a certain Thomas Ruggles Pynchon, Jr., whose works I have much admiration for.

If “Vheissu” encodes anything, it is a pun - “Wie heisst du?”, “What is your name?” - that parodies Stencil’s preoccupation with sub rosa identities.` – Pynchon wiki

I currently live in Vienna, Austria.

If you ended up here because you are looking for a programmer, below is a random sampling of things I can help you with.

  • Backend / full stack software development - Scala, Akka, Play! Framework, PostgreSQL, ReactJS / AngularJS.
  • Machine learning pipelines
  • DevOps - continuous integration pipelines, linux server administration and the plethora of tasks that arise once you deploy software out in the wilds.
  • Performance Optimization - If you have a legacy application with performance bottlenecks, I will be happy to take a look.

Just drop me a line and I can see if I can help you out.